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Occational Ravings with a Purple Tint!
the Purple One

Just got back to Manchester after a AMAZING 4 days in York, including a trip to Whitby, with my BEAUTIFUL Soulmate xcrimsonstarx

I Can't believe how LUCKY I am to have such an Amazing, Adorable, Stunning & Cute girlfriend

We were there to celebrate her birthday, which is today

Sooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY xcrimsonstarx!!!! <3

I Love You Vicki!



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Really missing xcrimsonstarx

Cannot WAIT till friday!!!

My Soulmate



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Mostly happy, currently sat next to the Beautiful xcrimsonstarx

Soo much in Love <3

However have to head home later, which means 2 weeks apart from my Soulmate :-/


At least then we're together for 10 days :-)

Just wished we lived together


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Heya all!

Not posted on here for AGES!

Well life's pretty good

Main reason being I'm still with the Truly BEAUTIFUL xcrimsonstarx

It's nearly been a year since our first date (Feb 9th)

Cannot believe how lucky I am to be hers!!

Love you Vicki <3

Also today have been accepted into a Alternative modelling agency!! (Again, Thank You Vicki for giving me the confidence to even apply!!)

job.... yeah, still got one. pretty much all about that lol

Happy Crimson's Kitty


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Well today me & xcrimsonstarx  have been together for 2 months.

Now i'm NOT one of these people who post us 'happy 1 month anniversary' type messages, as thats pretty meh & abit pathetic to me.

BUT two months has significance with me in that all my past ex's have dumped me either within 2 months or at 3 1/2 years.

& couple with my own belief that i'm not good enough, and my own paranoia & self-worthless-ness i get abit nervous around this time.

But last night went & saw xcrimsonstarx  & spent hours together just in Manchester, just being together.

these two months have by farr been the Best of my Life sofar!! i STILL can't believe how lucky i am to have somebody as kind & caring & passionate & clever & witty & Fun even interested in me!!
last year i was convinced that No-one could ever want me, But she makes me feel soo ioncredibly WANTED, all the time <3

am Hers for as long as she wants me <3


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Well, 10 months ago I didn't really see much point in existing to be honest, my heart had been shredded by my ex, and the fact she'd lied right up to the last day before she dumped me made me think she'd lied the entire time we were together, 3 1/2 years. And that all the confidence & sense of self-worth she'd helped me grow was false, and shattered.

It's only from the fact that i have some genuinely Great people as my friends that i survived, and didn't disappear.

Now however everything has changed again, but this time for the Better!

i met Vicki xcrimsonstarx , and she has claimed me, this stray kitty, as Hers <3

in all honesty i Never Ever thought anybody could even remotely want me, not for who i Am, because of who i was.
But Vicki has actually achieved the impossible, and actually not only made me Happier than i've EVER been or ever dreamed i could be, but also made me feel more Wanted than i ever believed Anybody could make me feel!!

And she has taken the tattered scarred remains of my heart away with her, leaving me only feeling complete in her arms. This wasn't supposed to be easy, i'd guarded my heart furiously, couldn't bear the risk of any more damage!

But Vicki is healing it, more & more the longer i spend with her.

and with each breath & beat of that heart I'm falling further & further in Love with Her <3


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hehe well, am guessing most thought i was dead on here, been that long!

truth be told i'd forgot my password, then forgot i have a LJ!!

well, abit of an update on my life then.

i'm still living in Leicestershire, though i do have my own house now (though not living there as its being refurbished & is currently uninhabitable) and still working at wolsey

well main change is nicola dumped me in may last year 2010, for a string of bullshit reason, which translates to she lied to me, and was straight.

meh, led to a messy year last year tbh.

BUT i survived, thanks to my AMAZING friends!!

aaaand now i've found somebody who makes me happier than i EVER have in my life, and more Wanted than i ever thought i possibly could :-D

Vicki xcrimsonstarx  is EASILY the Best ting to ever happen to me!1 And she is simply Beautiful, in every single way. She's smart, witty, adorable, passinate, open-minded, accepting, and above all Fun, can talk to her for Hours & not get bored :-D
And she is simply STUNNING!!!

soo yeah, alots stayed similar, but alots changed for the MUCH better!! sorry its been soo long since my posting, but will be more often

oh & i'm probably more feline now than i was last time lol


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today is not going right

rather than my usual feline speed & semi-grace, today I feel like I'm chasing my tail...


at least get to see Nix tongiht (She's been fore-warned that am SoOoOooo gonna Pounce on Her! ;-) )



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I want a coke now :( (well diet)

in a glass bottle.

damn song!



(ps can you tell am bored in work? msn me!!)

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001: What are your nick-names?
Vee, Tigress

002: Commando?
Eww, no!

003: What's do you intend to do differently this year?

004: How many colours are you wearing right now?
4 (black, purple, red, & Hi-Viz yellow)

005: How do you style your hair?
badly, which is why Maxiie attacks it often!

006: What was the last book you read?
Haynes Manual Land Rover Petrol 1958-1983

007: Favorite ice cream flavor?

008: What's the weather like now?
honestly no idea, am in a warehouse

009: Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
not massively, works got to me abit, but thats meh

010: What are you most scared of?
being who i was

011: How long does it actually take to get ready in the morning?
depends how late for work i am.

012: What websites do you visit daily?
facebook, myspace, ebay, lj

013: What classes are you taking right now? And, if not in school, what is your profession?
don't ask

014: Do you like to clean?

015: What the last song stuck in your head?
Muppets theme

016: Hollywood/Celebrity crush?
Liz Vicious & Emilie Autumn

017: What hobbies would you like to take up if money/time/ability were no obstacle?
transglobal exploration, skydiving, soo many others!

018: What colour do you look best in?
Purple & black

019: Where do you wish to visit in 2009?

020: What are you most looking forward (edit: 'to') in the next month?
a Dear friend returning to good health :-D



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